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"As an elephant and tiger trainer myself, I must tell you how very fond I am of Travels with Tarzan.
I love Othmar Vohringer and Parry Zerbini. I would gladly pay to hear Othmar talk about anything...
Well done. I watch it almost weekly, sometimes more."
Dan Hinnenkamp, Carson and Barnes Circus

A Circus Season: TRAVELS WITH TARZAN takes the viewer inside the world of a traveling tent circus for an intimate look at one of the few remaining family-owned shows in America. From April through October, on a dozen state-of-the-art semis, the Tarzan Zerbini Circus snakes its way through the Midwestern United States, across Canada, then down to the Deep South and finally home to winter quarters in Joplin, Missouri.

The spellbinding performances along with the daily grind of constant travel, backbreaking work and changing weather form the background against which the characters are revealed struggling with love, loss, betrayal, and the weight of their family legacies in one hard season on the road.

Featuring Patricia Zerbini with The Tarzan Zerbini Performing Elephants, Joseph Dominick Bauer on the Wheel of Thrills, Othmar Vohringer with his Siberian White Tigers, and many others.

Original Score by Charles Gross

Running Time: 87 minutes

Produced in association with Oregon Public Broadcasting.
Presented on PBS by OPB, broadcast premiere July 1999.

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Read Robin's magazine article about the making of TRAVELS WITH TARZAN
"Travels with Tarzan: A Documentary Odyssey"
(The Pennsylvania Gazette, May/June 1999)

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